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Ask questions and collect information from those scheduling with you
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Integration Overview

Sometimes, to properly prepare for a meeting or appointment, you need to collect information or documents from your clients, leads, applicants, or whomever it is you are meeting with. With Arrangr's Typeform integration, you can ask the questions and gather the information you need, right as they are scheduling with you on your Scheduling Page.
No more need to follow up with an email to ask screening questions or to request documents. Arrangr will collect the information you need as the meeting is scheduled, and will put that information at your fingertips when and where you need it to prepare for the meeting.

About Typeform

In case you aren't already familiar with them, Typeform is an application that lets you build conversational forms and surveys. Whether you're trying to create a screening form, request documents, segment your customers, or collect any other information or data you can imagine, Typeform can help you do it.
With a free Typeform account, you can create up to 3 different forms and collect up to 100 responses per month, or you can subscribe to one of their paid plans for a lot more options.

How the Integration Works

All you need to set up the integration is a Typeform account with at least one active form, and an Arrangr account with at least one active scheduling page. You can select any form from your Typeform account to add to any Arrangr Scheduling Page. Then, when others set up a meeting with you on your scheduling page, they will complete your form in the process.
Not only will you be able to view their responses in Typeform, but you can also see their answers right from the "received invite" page before you confirm a time, and from the "meeting details" page once the meeting or appointment is booked. Arrangr will even include a handy link right in the calendar event to directly pull up their answers to your form.


This integration can be added for free on any Arrangr account, allowing you to collect up to 8 Typeform responses per month on Arrangr. This is great for light use or for testing out the integration.
To collect unlimited Typeform responses on Arrangr, you can add Arrangr's "Typeform Unlimited" add-on for a very modest amount, or subscribe to Arrangr's Pro Plus plan to also get many other bells and whistles.
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