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Zoom Integration - Overview
When you combine Arrangr's meeting-scheduling prowess with Zoom's video conferencing, the result is magical.
What's Zoom?
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warning This integration is not yet available, but coming very soon. Email us ( to be notified when available.
Seamlessly Schedule Zoom Video Calls
Tired of switching from email, to your calendar, to Zoom, to get all the details straight for your meeting?
Let Arrangr handle it all for you!
Make it a Zoom call with a single click
Whether you're arranging a group meeting, inviting someone to meet you 1:1, or someone else is booking a 1:1 with you from your scheduling link, Arrangr makes it easy to make the meeting a Zoom call
Select Zoom as the call method for your Arrangr meeting
A Unique Meeting Link for Every Meeting
Stop sharing your permanent meeting link, which people might jump back on at any time. When a Zoom meeting is scheduled on Arrangr, we'll create a one-time Zoom meeting link just for that meeting.
Arrangr lets you launch the Zoom with a click, and shares the unique meeting link for your participants
Meeting Details Automatically Shared with Participants
No need to dig up the conference details and send it to your participants. Arrangr will automatically share the details with them when the meeting is booked, and will also send the details in a reminder shortly before the meeting.
Arrangr provides meeting details with a convenient link to start the Zoom call right in an email to participants
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