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HubSpot Integration - Overview
By combining the powerful contact management and tracking tools of HubSpot with Arrangr's ease and flexibility in setting up meetings, the result is magical.
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A richer, more complete experience for both services:
extension Arrangr Extension in HubSpot
With Arrangr's extension, when you pull up a contact in HubSpot, there will be an Arrangr card that will let you initiate an Arrangr invite with one click, right within HubSpot!
contacts Your HubSpot Contacts, In Arrangr
When you are picking who to invite in Arrangr, you will be able to search and browse through your HubSpot contacts database.
timeline Arrangr Events in HubSpot Timeline
When events occur on Arrangr that relate to one of your HubSpot contacts, we will post that activity right into your HubSpot feed for that contact.
person_add Add Arrangr Contacts to HubSpot
With one click, you can have Arrangr add someone to your HubSpot contacts list.
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