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Our Mission
Our goal is to make your life more productive and less frustrating by making it easy and fast to arrange your personal or business meetings.
Our Unique Methodology
Arrangr incorporates the way you naturally set up meetings by integrating the tools you already use into a new, easy-to-use tool that works for everyone. We have analyzed other methods of setting up meetings, incorporated what works, eliminated what doesn’t work well, and created an entirely new seamless and intuitive experience . . . the only all-in-one meeting arranger platform.
Stop the Frustrating Back and Forth
Bouncing back and forth with emails, texts, and phone calls to set up a meeting can be infuriating. And time-consuming. Arrangr makes it simple to settle on all the details . . . quickly.
Setting up meetings can be a pain. You go back and forth between apps to sort out the meeting details. Then you check your availability on your Calendar (and everyone else does the same). Then it’s more back and forth to set a date and time. Next you go to Google Maps to find a location that works for everyone. More back and forth among the meeting participants via texts and emails. And often someone gets left out during all the confusing cross-communication.
Even something as simple as meeting a couple of friends for lunch can be an irritating exercise in frustration.
Instead of juggling between several apps to arrange the details of your meetings, Arrangr does it all.
Eliminate Miscommunications
Ever show up at the wrong Starbucks? Or call someone at 3 PST instead of 3 EST? Haven’t we all heard “Didn’t you get the memo?” and missed an important group meeting? Arrangr consolidates all meeting information in one place, so everyone is clear about the details.
Through location maps, regular reminders, displaying the time zones of all participants, and consolidating all the meeting info for everyone to easily access, Arrangr makes meeting miscommunication a thing of the past.
Increase Your Productivity
According to American Express, the average businessperson spends a whopping 1300 hours a year in meetings. Add to this the time and effort spent to arrange all these meetings and you have a significant loss in productivity, time that can be spent on more valuable tasks.
The Professional Way to Meet
With our efficient, time-saving platform you’ll demonstrate your professionalism to your colleagues and clients. They'll not only be impressed, they'll thank you for the time it saves them as well! Add your logo or photo for a custom branded look.
How It Works
One-on-One Meetings
"Meet Me" Pages
Group Events
How It Works
One-on-One Meetings
"Meet Me" Pages
Group Events
One-on-One Meetings
Arrangr started out as an application designed exclusively for setting up one-on-one meetings, so our capabilities in this are unparalleled.
Flexible Invitations
Calendar invites are useful once you have already figured out where and when to meet, but figuring that out is the hard part! With an Arrangr invite, you can zero in on those details with our interface specifically designed to bring your schedules together! Just fill in our simple one-on-one invite form, where you can suggest several times or windows of time that are good for you, as well as give them multiple locations or call methods to choose from. They'll receive a nicely formatted email, summarizing the options you gave, and they can just click an option right from the email to accept. Or, as often happens in the real world, if your suggestions don't work for them, they can easily counter with some alternatives.
Schedule Comparison
Our interface makes it super simple to find times when you're both available. On one calendar interface, you can see everything you currently have scheduled, all the times the other party is busy (if they have set up their Arrangr account), so you can simply click and drag on the calendar to suggest some times when it appears neither of you have commitments! And don't worry, others will only see the fact that you are busy - they will never see any of the event details from your calendar, and you can always choose not to share your busy times.
Find a Place
Sometimes finding a good place to meet is even harder than finding a time! Well, we can help with that too! On Arrangr, you can search for cafes, bars, restaurants, etc. in an area and we'll show you some good options, along with ratings, reviews, and pictures. Want to meet half-way? We can calculate the route between the two of you, show you the midpoint, and suggest some appropriate venues! If you're not sure where they're coming from, you can just say where you'll be coming from, send them the invite, and they can use Arrangr to pinpoint places in the middle.
Seamless Conference Set-Up
Setting up a new conference for every meeting you want to have can be a pain, and you never know what conferencing applications they are comfortable using. With Arrangr, if you want to do a simple phone conference, we will automatically create a dial-in for you, and share it with all parties for the meeting. Want to do a video conference? You can suggest a few conferencing platforms to them, and have them select the one they are comfortable with. We have integrations with Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, and Skype, making those options seamless, but you can also add your own custom options with details on how to connect.
Your "Meet Me" Pages
We get it, sometimes you don't have the time to proactively send out an invitation to everyone you want to meet with. Or sometimes you have no idea what their schedule looks like, so you don't know where to start. With your personalized Arrangr "meet me" page, you can sit back and put the ball in their court. Just give people the link to your page (, and let them send you an invitation to meet.
Your Main Page
When others visit your main "meet me" page, it is much like when you send a one-on-one meeting invitation. They can suggest a meeting of any length, they can suggest multiple times or windows of time, and they can suggest any in-person location, call method, or video conference method. If you have synced your calendar, they will be able to see when you are busy to avoid suggesting those times. We'll alert you by email when you receive a new invitation, and you can simply accept one of the options they proposed, decline the meeting with a message, or send back some alternatives.
Customized Meeting Pages
For types of meetings you conduct frequently, you can set up customized pages to receive requests for that type of meeting. On these pages, you can restrict and customize the options presented to the other person, optimizing it for that type of meeting. For example, let's say you conduct a lot of 15-minute intro consultations. You can set up a page with it's own custom link (say, When others visit that page, you can set it so that the meeting length is automatically set to 15 minutes, and the method of connecting is already set to "phone call". Additonally, you can have it appear that you are always busy outside the hours of 9am to noon, funneling them to suggest a time within that span.
As another example, let's say you conduct a lot of 45-minute meetings at your office, but sometimes will do a nearby cafe instead. You can create a custom page (, that defaults to setting up 45-minute meetings at your office. But you can also give them the option, if they want, to suggest a nearby cafe to meet at instead.
These are just a couple ways you can use the powerful tool of setting up customized meeting pages. We're excited to see how else you might use them!
Group Meetings and Events
Trying to schedule a meeting with just one other person is normally plenty difficult, but trying to coordinate and organize a meeting or event for a whole group introduces an entirely new level of difficulty! Trying to track everyone's preferences through an email or chat chain can quickly get very unwieldy. A few polling platforms exist that can be helpful, but they often don't handle the nuances very well.
Simple Event Set-Up
Okay, sometimes you already know where and when you want to hold the meeting, and you just need a way to share all the information with everyone invited, keep track of who is attending, and start a dialogue for sharing information about the event. For these scenarios, we have a streamlined event set-up process that lets you skip the poll, and simply set up an event page. If you want to conduct it by dial-in conference, we can automatically create the dial-in for you and share it with the group, or if you want a Google Hangout or GoToMeeting, we will generate and share the url for the conference. A group message board lets all the participants engage in dialogue about the event. For an in-person event, our event page will map the location, help participants with directions, and even help them summon an Uber if they want!
Event Polling
When you are trying to figure out a time, place, and/or call method that works best for the whole group, that is when you really need Arrangr!
Our event poll is incredibly simple to set up. Just highlight all windows of time on the calendar during which you might want to hold the event. We'll automatically break any large windows of time you highlight into potential meeting blocks, and have the invitees rate how well each option works (For example, if you highlight 1pm-6pm for a 45-minute meeting, we'll break it into potential meeting times of 1-1:45, 1:30-2:15, 2-2:45, etc.).
We recognize that timing isn't the only thing that can be difficult to settle so that it's convenient for everyone - settling on the best location or call method can also be a challenge. On Arrangr, you can also suggest multiple places and/or conference methods, and also have the invitees rate their preferences for those.
We have seen time and time again that a simple binary "yes" or "no" often doesn't cut it. Many people, in an attempt to steer things towards times that are best for them, will mark less convenient times as "no", even when they are available. In other cases, you might find 5 different times that work for everyone, but no way to actually see which is the best among them. Participants need to be able to clarify between options that will work for them but aren't ideal and options that are great. They also need to be able to clarify between options that they definitely can't do, and options that they might be able to make work, but there is a good chance won't work out. To tackle this, we give 4 simple rating scores for each option: "Won't work", "Can maybe make it work", "Probably fine - not ideal", and "Great". We have found that this is just enough to cover the fundamental nuances, but few enough that the meaning of each option is clear.
Our Team
Arrangr's Team
Ryan Moody
Product Development
Former Marketing Consultant at Kantar Retail. Has a BA in Economics from Dartmouth College and a Masters in Engineering from Boston University. Founded and built WorkWingman, a marketplace for local services.
Adam Perl
Former Investment Banker, Entrepreneur and Corporate Development Professional. Has a BS from Babson College and an MBA/MSIA from Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University.
Eric Wentworth
Award-winning Marketing Communication professional with a Bachelors in Journalism from University of Missouri.
Nicole J. Desharnais
Outside GC
Boston, MA
Nicole brings substantial general corporate and venture capital experience to the team, having represented more than 15 private equity firms in the acquisition, disposition and on-going legal management of their portfolio companies over the course of her legal practice both in-house and with a law firm. Nicole also served as General Counsel for a private equity-owned portfolio company and a private equity firm which she co-founded with two partners. She is admitted to practice in Massachusetts and has been named a Massachusetts Super-Lawyer Rising Star on multiple occasions.
Assim Gupta
San Francisco, CA
20+ Years Tech Industry experience. Successful entrepreneur with 2 successful exits. Innovation and operational experience with leading tech companies like Apple, Google, LinkedIn, Oracle and Facebook. Board Member with several high tech startups as well as Investor Groups.
Nancy Lazaros
Chief Financial Officer, Pixability
Boston, MA
With 30 years of financial experience in the media technology industry, Nancy excels at developing scalable financial models to drive rapid expansion, and has spearheaded several complex acquisitions and successful exits throughout her career. Prior to Pixability, Nancy spent three years as the first CFO of video advertising management and distribution solutions provider, Extreme Reach Inc., and before that served as CFO of digital marketing technology company x+1 Solutions. Nancy is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island.
Len Sellers
CEO, Hammer2Anvil
Sausalito, CA
Len consults in strategic applications of technology. He is responsible for building the first multiplayer online game, the first programmable dynamic Shockwave, first Netshow streaming media implementation, and the first Flash site application.
Max Shapiro
CEO, PeopleConnect
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Max is the founder and CEO of PeopleConnect, bringing remarkable energy, a rare blend of experience, a sense of creativity, and a tenaciousness that has made it possible for many startups and established companies to add key talent to their teams. A lifelong entrepreneur, a consummate networker and a business strategist, Max understands the minds and passions of startups and companies focused on growth.
Mark Lion
Partner/Founder, Lion Interactive
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
For 17 years Mark has devoted his innate creative talent, unflinching work ethic, and energetic curiosity for innovation to the digital design world, focusing particularly on the intersect of design, technology and business. Finding success early in the internet revolution (circa 1994), Mark continues to create award-winning, and high-performing websites and applications, following a personal mission to listen attentively to every client, enabling them to tell their story, establish a strong presence in their field, reach a wider audience, and set new records for growth.
Bruce Janigian
Distinguished International Attorney and Law Professor
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Bruce J. Janigian, A.B., J.D., LL.M., practices international business law and government relations, and advises global business leaders, government officials and international organizations. Former Navy judge advocate, Fulbright professor of law, attorney adviser for the US Agency for International Development, and vice president of the Salzburg Global Seminar, he currently leads the US delegation in the European Academy of Sciences and Arts and serves on advisory boards for the University of California, the University of San Francisco, Salzburg College, and the World Affairs Council. He recently completed six years as vice president of the University of California affiliated American University of Armenia, as well as serving as its law dean, and on boards of the Armenian Technology Group and Applied Research and Planning for Armenia. He also served as a visiting scholar at the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, and a consultant for the International Labor Organization.